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Bundgaard Walk Velcro Sport Fuchsia

Bundgaard Walk Velcro Sport Fuchsia

Jarné Jesenné NEW ITEM

Barefoot alternative shoes Bundgaard Walk Velcro Sport Fuchsia BG101147DG (EU 24-27)

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Leather shoes of the Danish brand Bundgaard are made of high-quality smooth leather. The rubber sole has got a practical overlap, it is stiffer from the beginning, it softens nicely when worn. The toebox is beautifully shaped, suitable for the dominant toe. The insole is slightly shaped, heel is reinforced.

They are suitable for medium wide to narrower feet, they can also be tightened on a narrower ankle.


upper - leather

lining - leather

sole - rubber

Inner length in mm (measured with Plus 12 gauge) and width in mm (measured with Clevermess gauge):

24: 152 / 62
25: 159 / 63
26: 165 / 64
27: 172 / 65

Measured with an insole. For more info press HERE


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