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VTR shoe insoles Polar Fleece 45-46

VTR shoe insoles Polar Fleece 45-46


VTR shoe insoles Polar Fleece 45-46

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Producer: VTR

The insoles are made of high-quality fleece material, which warms well and keeps the feet warm. The middle layer is made of latex foam, which softens the tread, absorbs shocks when walking and absorbs moisture. The bottom layer of profiled whipped latex helps proper air circulation and prevents the insole from moving in the shoe. The inserts are especially suitable for the cold season.

Due to the unsuitable shape of the tip, it is necessary to customize the insole, so we offer only the largest size (45-46) with a length of about 294 mm.

Material - whipped latex, fleece

Color - multicolored




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